New York


My name is Hirohisa Sato.
I am an English teacher at NPO Team Shirahata. I travelled to New York in the Spring of 2013 with my brother.
These are the photographs which I took during the trip.

This photo was taken in front of New York Public Library in 2013.

This photo was taken on the campus of Columbia University in the same year.

This is what we ate at a Thai restaurant for lunch while staying in New York.

This restaurant is located in Lexington Avenue near the apartment which we rented for about month.

We went to see Dakota Apartments where John Lennon, who was a member of the Beatles,used to live with Yoko Ono.

It is the front gate of Dakota Apartments.

It is the Strawberry Fields in the Central Park. It was named after the gardens which John liked to visit in his childhood in Woolton.